The Importance of Strength Training for Marathon Runners

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The oldest marathon in the world and one of the six major marathon events in the world, the Boston Marathon is held on April 17 (“Patriot Day” – the third Monday in April every year). This year marks the 127th and is also the 10th anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013. It has the largest number of participants since 2019.


You must have heard that in marathon training, in order to achieve good results, you need to maintain a strong body and reduce the risk of injury, and strength training is essential. Marathon training is inherently time-consuming, with many experienced runners running six times a week throughout their training sessions. Along with running, there's usually cross-training, sports massage, warm-ups, cool-downs, and foam rolling, along with getting enough sleep and enough healthy calories to maintain the body's needs.

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If you want to run faster and healthier, you need to strengthen and train your whole body muscle groups. The muscles mentioned here are not only the leg muscles, but also the buttocks, hips, back, abdomen and upper body.

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Why should runners add strength training?

Strength training or resistance training isn't just for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Strength training has many health benefits, such as improving blood sugar levels, lowering blood pressure, strengthening bones, and reducing the risk of chronic disease.

Strength training also helps to improve running performance. It helps to increase speed, power, and endurance, as well as improving posture and reducing the risk of injury. By strengthening the muscles involved in running, runners can become more efficient in their running technique and become more powerful with each stride. Strength training can also help to improve running economy, which is the measure of how much energy a runner uses to go a given distance. By training the muscles used in running, runners can become more efficient and use less energy to run the same distance. For running, strength training has the following benefits:

1. Reduce the risk of falling

2. Improve body composition

3. Improve overall movement

4. Improve joint stability

5. Improve muscle strength, endurance and explosive power

6.Reduced Risk of Injury


Today I will share with you the training method of upper body strength - push-ups


Many runners pay more attention to the exercise of leg strength while running, but ignore the training of upper body strength, and even think that upper body strength is dispensable, which is a big mistake.

The legs are prone to soreness during running, but at this time, if the arm strength is sufficient, it can support the body, and the body can be driven to continue running by swinging the arms, making the exercise more durable.

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Classification of push-up exercises

Choose kneeling push-ups, narrow/wide-pitch push-ups, diamond push-ups, single-leg push-ups and other push-up exercises. Runners can choose appropriate movements to train upper body strength according to their own abilities.


What are Adjustable push-up bars?

Adjustable push-up bars are exercise equipment designed to help individuals better perform push-ups. They allow for an adjustable height, which can help people target different muscle groups and reduce strain on the wrists and hands. Some models also feature ergonomic grips for added comfort during the exercise. They can be helpful for individuals looking to improve their upper body strength and endurance.


The ProCircle Adjustable push-up bar is an ergonomic and sturdily designed push-up bar that will prevent avoidable stress on your arms and upper body and aid your physical training. Used to strengthen upper body, these push-up bars are durable, handy and most importantly, safe. It distributes the weight evenly between the arms and successfully works the core of your body.You'll never have to worry about finding a suitable implement for dips when you've got these push-up bars lying around.

 ProCircle adjustable push up bars

What are the features of the adjustable push-up bar?

Suitable for power push up training

Its comes with multi lever height adjustability.

Comes in compact Design and ergonomic handles for a comfortable and secure grip

With daily use you can achieve to narrow the abdomen, hips, chest while strengthening your upper abdomen, chest shoulder and triceps, biceps

how to use ProCircle adjustable push-up bar

How to use ProCircle Adjustable push-up bar?

Here are the steps to follow when using an adjustable push-up bar:


1. Adjust the height of the push-up bar according to your preference. To do this, find the locking mechanism, loosen it, and adjust the height according to your needs.


2. Make sure the push-up bars are securely locked in place before use.


3. Assume the push-up position with the push-up bars slightly wider than shoulder width apart.


4. Lower yourself down, keeping your body straight, until your chest is just above the push-up bars.


5. Push yourself back up to the starting position, keeping your body straight throughout the exercise.


6. Repeat the exercise for the desired number of reps.


7. After use, clean and store the push-up bars properly.


Remember to always consult with a fitness professional before starting any new exercise routine, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.


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