How to do push-ups better

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Have you read this news, the 28-year-old guy was quarantined at home due to the epidemic, and his figure began to get fatter. In order to change the unhealthy physical state, he decided to start exercising-persisting in 100 push-ups a day for 30 days.

So after 30 days, what kind of changes have taken place in him, let’s take a look together.

body shape

body shape

Seeing the body changes of this guy, are you motivated to do push-ups?

What is push-ups

Push-ups are a classic fitness exercise which involves multiple muscles in your upper body. You quickly burn calories by doing push-ups and you can easily do them anywhere you want.

Push-ups are a simple and effective way to exercise strength. It can help us exercise the muscles of the upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially the strength of the pectoralis major, and help us build a beautiful figure.

In a standard push-up, the upper body is under a lot of weight pressure, which is equivalent to 64% of our lifting body weight when pushing ourselves up. Even kneeling push-ups support 49% of your body weight. It is equivalent to lifting most of yourself with bare hands!

What changes does push-ups bring to your body

Perfect body shape

Many people think that insisting on doing push-ups can lose weight. In fact, push-ups are different from many sports, and the effect of muscle training is better. When doing push-ups, the strength of the muscles will become higher, mainly by stimulating the regeneration of muscle cells. As the muscle strength becomes higher, the lines of the figure become more obvious, the fat is reduced, and the figure will look more perfect and full of strength.

healthier bones

Increased muscle mass will enhance bone health. Bone health is closely related to muscle mass. Sufficient muscle mass can provide more support to bones. For some elderly people, doing push-ups properly will benefit the muscles, protect bones and maintain bone health.

An adult man can perform more than 30 push-ups at a time, but after the age of 30, the body muscles will degenerate, the body strength will be lost, and the number of push-ups completed at one time will also degenerate. Push-ups can reflect the aging speed of the body. The more people push-up, the better the health of the body.

Strengthen waist strength

Waist strength also has an important impact on human health. If the waist strength is insufficient, it will also affect the normal activities of the human body, resulting in a decline in the quality of life. More importantly, it is prone to waist discomfort and increases the possibility of waist injury. Men's waist strength is better, and the benefits of push-ups may be more for men. Persistence in doing push-ups is very important for strengthening the waist strength.

How to Do Push-Ups

Push-up training has relatively simple requirements for the venue, you can do it at home, and you can complete the exercise with trivial time. We can choose training modes of different difficulty according to our own adaptability to achieve different training effects and obtain improvements in body shape and physical fitness.

push ups 1

Share you the standard way to do push-ups

1. The body must maintain a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles

2. Put your shoulders on your chest

3. Keep your hands slightly wider than your shoulders

4. When starting to do it, it takes 2-3 seconds to fully lower the body and stay at a distance of 2-3 cm from the ground

5. Immediately push up and return to the starting position

However, not everyone can easily complete standard push-ups. If you do push-ups with bare hands, you need your wrists to support your weight in a way that the wrists touch the ground vertically. At this time, some exercisers will feel severe wrist pain and unstable movements, which is actually a manifestation of insufficient wrist strength.

adjustable push up bars

We recommend the push up barto you. Using push-up bars for exercise is equivalent to holding a dumbbell in your hand, forcing you to hold on to the handle, which is conducive to keeping the wrist in a vertical neutral position to complete the action. Even if some exercisers cannot fully maintain a neutral position, it helps to make the angle of the wrist joint much less than 90 degrees, which can greatly reduce the compression of the wrist joint.

adjustable push up bars

By making use of ProCircle Adjustable Push Up Bar, you will automatically have the right push-up posture. It bring variation in your push-up workouts. It can bring even more muscle groups into action.

  • Procircle take you to know our new products-Adjust Push-Up Bars

  • Stable bars for push ups

  • Easy to handle, easy to use

  • Relief the wrist tension

  • New, adjustable version

Have a try! It will definitely bring you a different fitness experience.

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