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    Way Changing Revoluion to Reshape the Smart Power Training Rack 
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wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted
Both racks are designed to the maximum utilization, digital weight technology maintaining a small footprint within home or any business area.
Each type perform a full-body workout while providing all of the incredible benefits that come from exercising with the digital weight module.
What is digital adaptive weight?
Digital adaptive weight refers to the technology applied in the motor that allows users to adjust the weight digitally instead of the traditional weight plates.

The technology works when you select a specific weight level on the system, it can be adjusted in real-time and controlled precised.

Based on the user's strength and range of motion. It allows for more efficient and effective workouts, as the resistance can be increased or decreased during different phases of an exercise.
All-in-one gym, 
training with various workout mode
Easy Installation: Streamlined setup with fewer parts and lightweight design for effortless installation.
Versatile Training Modes: Multiple training modes cater to beginners and professionals alike, accommodating diverse fitness plans.
Cost-Effective Weight Solution: An economical alternative or supplement to traditional weight equipment, accurate digital weight control.
Space-Saving: Compact size that efficiently utilizes space, thanks to the integrated digital weight system.
Enhanced Security: Fortified with advanced algorithms and device circuitry, ensuring secure usageduring workouts.

Unlock Various Workouts with Our Rack Solo

Unlock Various Workouts with Our Rack Duo

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