How to live a healthy, active life

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What is healthy life

Regarding a healthy lifestyle, we are often told by doctors that you should eat lightly, exercise more, control your weight, and don’t smoke. Yes, we all knew that, but what is light diet and how to do more exercise. Let’s talk about what is healthy diet, why the sleep habits are important, and how to keep exercising. Hope the following will help you

1. About diet

Reasonable diet, mainly grains, at least 1/3 of which are whole grains, rich in fruits and vegetables, animal foods (or fish, livestock, poultry, meat and eggs) and nuts in moderation, often eat soy products, and insist on consuming 300 grams of fresh milk every day. If you are worrying about how to accurately calculate the amount of each meal, we recommend you to use a ProCircle smart kitchen scale.

Smart Kitchen Scale

smart kitchen scale

How to use it?

First weigh the utensils, press the reset button, and the screen displays zero. Then put food A into the utensils, and the weight of A is displayed.n Afterweighing, there is no need to take food A out of the container, just press the zero button, and then put food B, which is the weight of B. ProCircle smart kitchen scalecan scale a variety of food ingredients.

When buying food, read the labels, and buy less high-fat, high-salt, and high-sugar snacks. Eat a light diet, and eat less spicy strips, potato chips, mustard, pickles and sauce-based foods. After a period of time with a balanced diet, how do you know if it works? You can check your weight at any time through the ProCircle smart body fat scale.

smart kitchen scale

smart kitchen scale

When you step on the scale, it will automatically record your weight as well as the percentage of fat in your body, the amount of muscle you have, and the density of your bones . The information is subsequently sent to the app on your smartphone, where you may monitor your development over time.

2.About sleep

The "Sleep and Health" report jointly issued by the World Health Organization and the World Sleep Research Organization states that sleep, like air, food, and water, is a basic necessity for human life. If sleep is deprived, people's thinking, emotions, and behaviors will be abnormal. Scientific research has proved that experimental animals deprived of sleep will die after three weeks. If there is no sleep, there is no life. Sleep is the "patron saint" of maintaining life.

Studies have found that both aerobic exercise and strength training can help improve sleep.Long-term, regular aerobic exercise can improve the sleep quality of patients with insomnia.Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise can reduce the severity of sleep-disordered breathing and reduce the number of awakenings during the night; moderate-intensity aerobic exercise improves sleep quality more than high-intensity aerobic exercise.

jump rope

( ProCircle jumping rope)

Jumping rope is a very recommended aerobic exercise.Jump rope is suitable for all fitness levels and is an excellent choice for anyone looking to diversify or enhance their workout regimen.

smart strength training platform

ProCircle smart strength training platform

Strength training may be better at promoting sleep than aerobic exercise. Have you ever tried doing all your strength workout in the corner? ProCircle smart strength training platform, New technoligy, new experience.Turn a corner of your bedroom into a home gym with the top equipment we've tested for smart strength training.

3.About exercise

Exercise is crucial to your overall wellness. But despite the fact that it's good for you in every way, it can still feel like a chore to commit to a regular routine.

1. Move as much as possible.

2. Prioritize exercise and nutrition equally.

3. Sneak in physical activity when you can.

4. Exercise,you know, make it part of something you already love.

5. Take advantage of exercise facilities.

6.  Don't forget the weights.

7. Do cardio AND strength training.

8.  Try a new or unique workout when you get bored.

9. Remember that you're burning calories all the time.

10. Stop searching for reasons not to work out.

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