Four tips to help you burn fat after Sleeping

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Losing weight can be very challenging

Losing weight can be very challenging for most people. You eat fruits, vegetables and yogurt for weeks, only to lose a few pounds, but you can gain the weight back on a three-day vacation or weekend. This is really distressing. But we need to know that obesity is caused by excess calories, and losing weight requires us to find ways to increase calorie output and reduce calorie intake 24 hours a day, so that the body can break down more fat and lose weight slowly.


Does the body burn fat after sleeping?

We spend a lot of time exercising in order to lose weight and build a perfect body shape, which is really not an easy task. Sleep occupies a large part of our daily lives, wouldn't it be great if we could burn fat while we are sleeping? While it may sound incredible that you can't lose a few pounds overnight, you can continue to burn fat and calories while you sleep, but it's not as difficult as you might think.

burn fat after sleep

For people whose goal is to lose weight, deep sleep is very important, because the growth hormone secreted by the body during deep sleep is about 6 times that of normal, and this hormone can help us break down fat, synthesize muscle, and shape a good-looking body line. Scientific studies have shown that an extra hour of sleep can lose 20 pounds, which sounds really exciting. Here are four suggestions for increasing deep sleep to help you burn fat, hoping to help you.



How to burn fat after sleeping?


1. Do not eat carbohydrates three hours before going to bed, which can increase deep sleep and help burn fat

The calories for dinner should be controlled at about 400-450 calories, mainly lightly processed foods, eat more high-fiber vegetables, and eat less staple food, which can reduce the burden on the body, control blood sugar rise, and avoid fat accumulation.


2. Yoga stretching can be very effective in increasing deep sleep

Before bed is an ideal time to practice yoga stretches, as it is easier to open up the body's connective tissues and lengthen tendons. The range of motion of a joint is affected by the ability of the soft tissues (eg, muscles, ligaments, tendons) around the joint to move. A lack of stretching can lead to soft tissue shortening over time, reducing cartilage flexibility and blood supply, and increasing the risk of muscle injury. However, regular yoga stretches can help improve flexibility, improve balance function, and increase joint stability.


Here are two stretching exercises

yoga mat 

* Big toes touch Tengae slightly wider than hip width

* Body weight sinks to hips sinks to lower body

* Shoulders away from ears, arms extended far

* Broaden the shoulder blades and stay for 38-68 seconds

* Relax the spine and improve the anterior tilt of the pelvis


yoga mat 


* The legs are separated by more than the length of the legs, the knees should be 2.3 toes

* Feet down, right foot inward, front of leg backward, hip forward

* The legs continue to retract the middle of the spine and stretch far

* Stay for 30 seconds


3. Turning off the lights or changing the light source in advance can help deep sleep and burn fat

Reduce the light intensity in the bedroom to prevent blue light from entering. Blue light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, making you more awake. Research published in J Biol Rhythms in 2013 showed that after falling asleep, even dim light disrupts molecular circadian rhythms, lowers metabolic rate and promotes fat accumulation. From now on, please turn off all light sources before going to bed, put on dark curtains, and do not look at mobile phones and other electronic products before going to bed.


4. Don't stay up late, go to bed early and get up early

If you want to improve your body's metabolism, you must avoid staying up late and go to bed early regularly. Often go to bed late and lack of sleep will accelerate the aging of body functions, increase cortisol levels, and reduce body metabolism. Go to bed early every day, not later than 23:00, to fully improve sleep quality, promote leptin secretion, and inhibit fat accumulation. Guaranteeing 8-9 hours of sleep every day can promote the recovery of body functions, make you more energetic and energetic during the day, and your body can run more efficiently, thus consuming more calories.


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