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How Can I Do A B2C E-commerce via Amazon with Minimum Investment?

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How Can I Do A B2C E-commerce via Amazon with Minimum Investment?
Issue Time:2019-05-08

How Can I Do A B2C E-commerce via Amazon with Minimum Investment?

Do you want to have your own shop? Do you want to win big money with low investment? ProCircle Fitness can give you such a good chance to win your business and achieve your commercial dream.

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Before you start the business, there are several things you have to do. Here is an example for your reference.

  • The Market

If you want to start a B2C e-commerce business, the first thing you have to do is to learn about the situation of the market. For example, to sell latex resistance band on Amazon. The first and foremost one is to search the keyword “latex resistance band”(choose which market you wanna sell). You will see many products have shown.

You can see there one “resistance loop band” is at such a low price. And after you seek more, you will find that this product still has a market. 

ProCircle Fitness can provide you the low MOQ, good quality and guaranteed after-sale service.

  • The Cost

After you considered which market you wanna invest, you need to estimate the budget if you wanna open an Amazon shop or eBay Shop. How much does the platform need to sign up an account? How much does the delivery cost? Otherwise, the more critical thing is the product cost.

  • The supplier

After estimating the budget and product selection, you need to find the supplier. There are some supplier platforms for your reference.

China: Alibaba.comMadeinchina.com; Procirclefitness.com

US: Zogics

After you buy the products or samples, you can exhibit them in your online shop.

  • Sell Products-Promotion

Before your goods arrive at the warehouse, you need to do some promotion to gain some potential customers. You can do ads via the third platform such as Amazon Ads. Or you can place ads on FB or INS or other media.

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