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Every Journey Should Have Its Point

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Every Journey Should Have Its Point
Issue Time:2019-04-07

Every Journey Should Have Its Point

-Meet FIBO 2019, Meet ProCircle-


[April 7, 2019, Cologne, DE] ProCircle has participated in FIBO for 3 years. This April, ProCircle has prepared much for FIBO as well. The three representatives of ProCircle have displayed its competitive products series

 - Jump Ropes

 Aluminum handles jump rope, self-locking jump rope, counting jump rope, professional jump rope for athletes and student jump rope for PE test.

- Resistance Bands

 Latex loop band, High density resistance band, fabric hip circle, resistance tube etc.

-Therapy and Massagers

 Epp rollers, Eva foam rollers, vibration foam rollers and massage balls...


Moreover, ProCircle has exhibited its new product -vibration muscle device/gun.


Booth Hall 9 A79 has attracted numerous fitness enthusiasts, fitness equipment sellers.


After 4 days exhibition, ProCircle has entertained customers, discussed the products, and even made some new friends. Trigger said  We are not only competitors, but also friends. We should learn from other excellent enterprises to upgrade our tech and promote our minds. 


FIBO 2019 has already ended perfectly. But the journey has not finished yet. They have set out for another trips- visiting the local clients. Hope ProCircle have a pleasant business journey in Germany and Portugal.



Editing: ProCircle Marketing Department


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