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If You Tried, You Will Know That's Not Your Limit.

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If You Tried, You Will Know That's Not Your Limit.
Issue Time:2019-04-08

If You Tried, You Will Know That’s Not Your Limit.

-Annual Top Sales Award Ceremony-



[April 8, 2019, Suzhou China] ProCircle has witnessed its fourth five-year employee’s growth. Since 2012 ProCircle was established in Suzhou, it has been 7 years. During these years, some joined, and some left. Some married and some had a baby. However, few of them can stay in a company from single to have a home in such a young age. Today, also the fifth anniversary of entry, ProCircle is much delighted to share the happiness of our 2018 top sales- Floria Chan.

         [Since she graduated from college, Floria has been employed in ProCircle. It was such a difficult year. ProCircle only has 4 staffs, the boss Patrick and his wife Circle, Trigger(the present Overseas Department Director), and Jason (the present Supply Chain Manager). The office was small. Everything needed to be done by oneself. Five years past, ProCircle has developed into a well and sound medium-size enterprise. Floria has fallen in love, gotten married, been pregnant and raised a child as well. ]


At the beginning of 2018 financial year, ProCircle’s COO Simon Lee has released a reward plan--The one who finished $ 1.5 Million (around RMB 10,000,000) annual performance can get a Car worth $45,000(around RMB 300,000). After one year’s competition, Floria Chan has achieved the 2018’s performance goal. On her fifth anniversary day, ProCircle Group decides to fulfill his promise.


After the ceremony, Simon has promised this financial year will draft bigger Reward Plan, and this plan will publish at the end of April. Big Prize is coming soon.


Our success and performance, absolutely, can not amount up to this number without our customers' support. Much appreciated to your quarterly, semi-annual, and even your annual orders. ProCircle will continue upgrading machines and technologies to guarantee quality and service.


ProCircle Marketing Department

Editor: Patricia Liu


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