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Burn Your Body And Run for Love

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Burn Your Body And Run for Love
Issue Time:2019-03-10

Burn Your Body And Run for Love

The 10th International Marathon of Jinji Lake

[SUZHOU Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China] 8:30 March 8, 2019, the 10th International Marathon Around the Jinji Lake began. The lake round running has lasted for 10 years. This time over 30 thousand marathon lovers came to Jinji Lake to compete in four different races- half-marathon, short distance fun run, mini fun run and parent-child event.

The first prize of men’s half-marathon was Abdu Endris, 1:06:08, from Ethiopia. Second place was Yu Xiaoyi, 1:07:52,from China. And the third finisher was Yang Xiaojun, 1:10:15, from China.

The first prize of women’s half event was Pan Hong, 1:19:20, from China mainland. The second finisher is Zhang Zhixuan, from China Taiwan. Third place is RayRay from China mainland.

During this event, we also found out some other highlights.


Lovely Grandma

Besides the competition, the marathon has another responsibility that is the representative of the public charity. The Jinji Lake Marathon Organization Committee has donated for many years. They have helped the special school, vulnerable groups, and disabled crowd...


The donation has corresponded with the Marathon’ theme-- Run For Love. ProCircle, as one of this event’s sponsor, also donated numerous yoga mats, massage ball, massage stick, and foam rollers...

We ProCircle are not only the Marathon’s sponsor but also the spirit’s practitioner. Run for love and life.

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