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Sencond Stop of “Elite Program”- Along Shoutao Lake

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Sencond Stop of “Elite Program”- Along Shoutao Lake
Issue Time:2018-12-22
Sencond Stop of “Elite Program”- Along Shoutao Lake
[Suzhou, China, December 22, 2018] Half month passed, Procircle has prepared to implement their second “Elite Program”. The second stop is setting aside Shoutao lake to pick up the trashes.

Why Procircle chose “pick up trashes” at their second stop? We have interviewed Procircle’s Administrative director. She told us Procircle wanted to do something that looks like simple but significant. Urban environment is a vital part for a city image. What we can do to help build urban environment is to make this city clean. Thus, Procircle chose to pick up trashes along the Shoutao Lake.

December 22, a pouring rainy day, all the staff of management layer have come to Shoutao Lake to pick up rubbish. Some held the umbrella. Some worn the raincoat. And some only held the tongs. Each of them enjoyed this activity. 

Everyone is the urban environmental worker. After one day’s cleaning, the Shoutao Lake became more attractive. Procircle appeals all of you to protect the environment. 

Marketing Team
Dec.22, 2018


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