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How Do I make A 5 Days Workout Plan

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How Do I make A 5 Days Workout Plan
Issue Time:2018-12-14

How Do I make A 5 Days Workout Plan

  You often hear that 3-5 days per week in the gym will help you achieve any of your goals. Well, with time on your hands and goals to achieve it's time for a 5-day split. 

  Five day splits are among one of the most common splits used among bodybuilders these days. Not only does it allow for proper recovery in each muscle group, it allows the trainee to work at a much higher intensity since each muscle group is only trained once a week.

 A typical split would be like this:

      Day 1: Legs/Abs
      Day 2: Chest
      Day 3: Back/Abs*
      Day 4: Rest
      Day 5: Shoulder/Abs*
      Day 6: Arms
      Day 7: Rest
    Note: The reasons for prescribing those muscle groups in that order are as follow: For most trainees, training the  lower body is probably the most taxing for their bodies. Therefore it is crucial to train it first in the beginning of each week to ensure that the workout is done while the body is still fresh.

    Instead of training five days in a row, it is also beneficial to rest in between training days to allow the CNS to get proper recovery. This is especially important for new trainees because their bodies are not primed to be able to work at a high intensity five days in a row yet.

   Lastly, it's more optimal to space shoulder and arm days as far as possible from chest day to allow the joints and triceps to recover properly.

   For each day, trainees should use 4-5 exercises with two main exercises and 2-3 accessory exercises.

   Things to keep in mind during the workout:

   1.Lift each rep as fast as possible otherwise noted.
   2.Recovery should be set at 60s-90s between exercises.
   3.Because 5-day splits can fatigue a muscle group relatively quick, consume 
      BCAA's and recovery shakes to replenish the body's glycogen supply during mid-workout.
   4.It's best to lift a load that is lighter and you can handle than to cheat. "Leave your ego in the locker            room."
   5.Make sure is rep is done with full ROM unless stated.

An example of something that I have been working on lately looks like this:


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