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The Last Chance to Gain the Top Sales

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The Last Chance to Gain the Top Sales
Issue Time:2018-11-30
The Last Chance to Gain the Top Sales
[Suzhou, China, November 30, 2018] 2018 only lefts 30 days. And it is time for the B2B sales trying their best to become the annual top sales. 

Annual top sales means a sales has done the highest performance in company in this year. All of the B2B department sales have attended the launch of  “December Program”. Every group has claimed their ambition and issued the challenge to the other groups. 

Napoleon said, “ Every French soldier carries a marshal's baton in his knapsack.” This rule is also fit for the the sales. Every sales carries a top sales’ dream in his mind. 

An ambitious start indicates a satisfied ending. Let’s wait and see! Congratulations, all the partners!

Nov.30, 2018
Marketing Team


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