Gym Design & Solution
ProCircle® Fitness helped the customers to build the GYM for over 6 years. Designing and creating great gyms is what we do. Whether you are opening a commercial facility or just wanting a garage gym for your home, we can do help to you.Simply contact us highlighting the following information
  • Type of your gym

    (home of commercial)
  • Kind of training you like to do or would prescribe to your clients

    (who is your training inspiration, if you have one)
  • Dimensions of the facility or gym

  • How many people/members will be training at one time in the gym

  • List of preferable gym equipment

  • Budget

    (a gym can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be, providing an idea of your budget allows us to create the best gym possible for you)
Contact now
As soon as we receive the information we will contact you to discuss your options in greater details.
Also, we can provide customised gym equipment and off the shelf options for you all geared towards helping you achieve you or your members fitness goals. For more informationContact UsToday. Alternatively if you already have a list of equipment your need for your facility and would like some tailored costs REQUEST A QUOTE Today.
  • Germany
    - May 2017
  • Italy
    - July 2018
  • UK
    - December 2018
  • Spain
    April 2019
  • France
    - May 2019
  • Russia
    - August 2019


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