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Driven by the mission of to extend joy and health to every corner of the world, Procircle concentrated on serving customer in way better experience over years. From product upgrading to to production innovation and revision, we Procircle are dedicating to create attractive products for the fitness industry, and as well, to provide one-stop customized designing service.

Come to Procircle, enjoy your extraordinary customer journey.

Lukas Liu[ User experience architect ]

Born in 1990s, a young designer, who is responsible for the best sellers design in Procircle Fitness Training.

Lukas began his designing life since 2014. High proficiency in AI, PS, C4D, CAD, Keyshot, PROE and others. He, as the chef designer, has designed various products including the Black Tech Series, the New Ball Bearing Jump rope, the New Yoga Ball and many package design etc. 

As a fitness fancier, equipped with professional designing background and keen designing interest, this makes him a comprehensive designer and also the first user experience architect.born in 1990s, a young designer, who is responsible for the best sellers design in Procircle Fitness Training.


Devin Jee[ Product upgrade design ]

Born in Jiangsu Province, is responsible for the product upgrading design in Procircle Fitness Training.

Jee has much experience in 3-D design and graphic design. He has designed and upgraded more than 35 products by himself since he joined Procircle in 2016. Professional product knowledge and excellent communication ability wins him a lot reputation from clients.

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New Experience from Procircle Jump Rope

As we know, jump rope exercise is a worldwide sport. From children to Adult, all of them can use jump rope to strengthen their body to keep healthy and to lose weight. And we Procircle have designed many types of jump rope for the children and adults.

Procircle New Release Black-Tech Massage Upgrading Your Massage Method

Breaking your traditional impression, it makes the massage following your natural muscle condition, achieving the relaxation physically as well as mentally.


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