10 Breakthough thinking in Sales

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Dedicated to those sales friends, there will be a new breakthrough follow this Truth!

1. The customer is the best teacher, peer is the best example, the market is the best school. Take the best of all, to be better than the best.

2. Trust is greater than strength. 97% of sales are trust building, and 3% are closing the deal.

3. Less force couldn't reach wealth, no good heart leads to less happiness. Sales, should always be good deeds!

4. Refusal is the beginning of a deal. Sales is a game of saving in pieces but withdrawal in whole. Every time a customer says no, they are saving money for you.

5. To create incredible, irresistible marketing programfrom for the customers, in trust, point of view, story, interest, loss and altruism.

6. Sales is about confidence delivering, emotion transfering, and physical persuading; Negotiation is a contest of determination; Clinch a deal is the embodiment of willpower.

7. When you master to sell and collect money, you are just stepping into sales. However, servie is more important. Do these three things right, you won't fail.

8. Be sure to tell customers something of gold content, be sure to create value for their needs and painpoints.

9. Learn to link all things. Emotional relationship is above the interest relationship and cooperation relationship. For the win-win, you must keep the emotional communication with customers.

10. Customers not only seek for the product itself, but also the corresponding and additional services. After the deal, the service has just begun!

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